Cool Video: Alfa Romeo factories in the 60’s

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This weeks video follows the story of the completion of the then new (1966) Arese Alfa car plant north of Milan that would slowly replace the ageing original Factory in portello. The video is in Italian but it’s a great watch just to see the classic 1960’s proper Alfas like the Giulia and Gt being built in the old fashioned way, plus at the end as a special treat we see the TZ going through some testing on a track.

It’s hard to watch without getting the old rose tinted spectacles out and reminiscing about the pre fiat days for Alfa. Take a look for yourself below.

When Fiat took over Alfa in 1986 just like Portello, Arese began to lose importance to Fiats home city of Turin and slowly but surely Arese became almost abandoned when production of the v6 engine ended there in 2005 and the design studio closed its doors in 2009. Sadly below is footage of how the factory looked in 2011, it’s a weird contrast to see the buildings in several states of disrepair that were shown in the previous video being constructed from scratch. It makes for really eerie viewing now the once bussling roads and units are now empty and devoid of activity.

On the upside it does look like Alfa Romeo are beginning to shine and separate themselves from the Fiat car range and become relevant again, it’s just a shame they have lost that connection with Milano.

If you are interested in the Arese plant it is still home to Alfa Romeos Museum and a definite place on my bucket list to visit.

Jack Wood


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