The Dreamers. Car of the day: Land Master

Todays dreamer is a bit of an enigma, and one I want to crack.

Where were going we don’t need Roads

Now todays car is something else, and to be honest its something I know very little about but I’m hoping someone out there might be able to help me out with it?

The Land Rover is a bit of a British institution, something to be proud of, fruit of a can do attitude that Britain was not short of after winning the Second World War. It did a job and did it very well, but from what I can tell, a certain Stanley (Maduro? Is all I can work out from an old news report) didn’t believe it was all it could be.

The Land Rover was getting on a bit even in the 1970’s, Stan thought farmers deserved a little more comfort and a little more performance to make the difficult job that it was and is a little more comfortable.
Perhaps he was right, as in the 70’s Leyland were very much of the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and if it is broke still don’t fix it mentality. Like how much more life did Land Rover have left in the thing? 😉

Unhappy with the basic Landie, this Stanley ‘who ever he was’ decided one day to make his own Land Rover but with just a few improvements he thought farmers and explorers alike would appreciate.
His workshop in St. Dennis Cornwall was all set to take on all of Solihull’s might. Firstly he focused on the driving, one problem Landies always had was the fact mud would clog all around the girder ladder chassis. This was overcome by the use of a space frame meaning mud would just plop off, also this had obvious weight and structural advantages. Stan the man also fitted disk brakes for superior stopping power to ensure the farm hands out there hit less sheep, the brakes were also probably very helpful as the Land Master was fitted with a much punchier Perkins v6 diesel or could even allegedly be fitted with a Chevy V8!

Comfort was also on the cards as Stanley fitted luxuries you could only dream of in Leyland’s car, such as proper windows. Apparently the car was set to be a runaway success with over 700 initial orders worldwide but soon the project was sold to an operation in Blackwood, Wales and then just disappeared completely off the face of the earth. I know more than just a prototype was built and they were built around 1977-78, but how many?

Also more importantly why did Stans car fail? Did he overstretch?, was the car just cack?, did Land Rover get involved?, did he get bored and build an airliner instead? Or did interest just fizzle out. If anyone knows anything please let me know as it’s agony not knowing what happened next or even what happened in the first place. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back to this car at a later date.

If the Land Master remains a mystery, I would like to think that the guys at BL did take some of Stanleys criticisms of the series 3 into account with their response of the County spec.

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