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Midas yn y cymoedd (Midas in the valleys)

Just a small piece about a car, a country and a special cat… Wales is a place that holds a very special place in my heart, from camping trips in the torrential rain as a child to the embarrassment of getting locked in a multi storey car park in Llandudno as an adult. Wales has

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My Mighty Midas

The damned classifieds: Rare cars have always fascinated me, from sought after supercars with astonishing price tags right down to the everyday cars that rusted out before anybody noticed they had become endangered. If a car is rare, it’s always going to hold my interest. This is perhaps why, at car shows, I will always

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Me and My Mercedes part one: The convert

I have now owned my W124 Mercedes-Benz 300ce for almost 2 months and together we’ve travelled 2500 miles all over the place for an eventful Christmas and New Year, so I think now is a good opportunity to fill you in on my new baby. So why the biggish Benz? Well like most of my

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