How do you replace a car like the Land Rover Defender?

Those were the days As you probably know sadly the Land Rover Defender or as it should be known, the proper Land Rover is set to pop its clogs this year after 67 years of faithful service. A car that is very much a part of our historical and actual literal (rural) landscape, a working

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Why the long face? – Part II – The here and now of Longbridge

February the 12th 2015 was the fateful day I managed to get over Birmingham’s equivalent of the Berlin Wall, the golden opportunity to get a glimpse of whats actually happening in the factory that many thought shut for good in the dark days of 2005: yup, I was on my way to Longbridge. I left

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Why the long face? Part I – A Look Back

The story of the car factory that refuses to die.

5 Cars that Reinvented their Manufacturer

Due to the immense cost of developing a car, it’s not too often a manufacture is willing to take a risk, and for good reason (just look at the Renault Wind) the stakes are extremely high- a reputation takes years to make but seconds to destroy. Usually when a risk is taken it’s out of

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The dangers of eBay

Life as a final year student is not easy, living day by day on pot noodles and coffee dust around my squat  in a part of Manchester, which beats to the sound of the police siren. The main lessons university has taught me over my 3 years here have been how to fool a smoke

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Weird world of classic kit cars – Ford based specials pt.1 (Post war days)

The good old days Back when the war was won and when men were men, if you wanted a shed you would build it , when you wanted a pond you would dig it and when you fancied a sports car you would make it. Specials and kits were immensely popular back then, probably due

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Automotive Hero – Lee Noble and his cars

Back when I was just a small excitable boy about to start high school in 2003, the 3 automotive “wise-men” of the BBC put on an episode which I will never forget. It was a “buy British” special where the boys showed us that it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the British automotive industry and presented

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