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French Fancies COTD: Renaultsport Spider

A lot of the cars I have spoken about this week have in some way been compared to, or related to, France’s holy Alpine, so it’s a little awkward now as today’s car was Alpine’s final nail in the coffin. Until the resurrection of course! Renault, in the 90’s, were killing it in Formula One

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Save the analogue car, buy a motorbike.

The news of late has not been that great for the petrolhead, there has been a lot of talk about the outright ban on petrol sales in the not too distant future and City bans even sooner than that. The demise of the internal combustion engine is sad, but to me, it all pales in

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The Korean Killer: How Hyundai captured the West

In December of this year (2017), the Hyundai motor corporation will be blowing 50 candles from its cake, an absolutely coffee-spitting achievement when you think they now have an empire that stands as the 4th largest automotive business in the world. So how did a company from Seoul do it? well heres my very abridged

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Cool Video: Reliant- Trouble at the top

Reliant is a company that has cemented itself in British culture. They built a car that we love to laugh at, with the Trotters and Jasper Carrot, a car that we also love to misname constantly to the point where people genuinely believe it is a Robin Reliant, never the less the three wheeled Reliant is

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Vauxhall-Opel Sale (A Positive spin)

With the shock news that GM has agreed to sell its European arm to the PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) group, there has been a lot of doom and gloom about the future of the two companies especially  Vauxhall. The news outlets have already started to mention job fears before Peugeot had the chance to set out its

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Why the long face? Part I – A Look Back

The story of the car factory that refuses to die.