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Midas yn y cymoedd (Midas in the valleys)

Just a small piece about a car, a country and a special cat… Wales is a place that holds a very special place in my heart, from camping trips in the torrential rain as a child to the embarrassment of getting locked in a multi storey car park in Llandudno as an adult. Wales has

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My Mighty Midas

The damned classifieds: Rare cars have always fascinated me, from sought after supercars with astonishing price tags right down to the everyday cars that rusted out before anybody noticed they had become endangered. If a car is rare, it’s always going to hold my interest. This is perhaps why, at car shows, I will always

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The Dreamers Car of the day: FBS Census

Another day and another car to be consigned to the cemetery of automotive dreams. In today’s tale of woe, we look at a motor that was completely uncompromised in its dynamic ability; but perhaps that’s where it went wrong. All personality but no beauty Robin Hall and Andrew Barber were both talented ex Rover engineers

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The best of autoscout – What Europe has to offer #1

Looking through the classic car classifieds of late one thing has become very much apparent, in the grand scheme of things we do not have much real choice on these isles. We have mini’s and beetles up to the eyeballs but when looking for more obscure and maybe less appreciated classics, sort of in the

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Why the long face? – Part II – The here and now of Longbridge

February the 12th 2015 was the fateful day I managed to get over Birmingham’s equivalent of the Berlin Wall, the golden opportunity to get a glimpse of whats actually happening in the factory that many thought shut for good in the dark days of 2005: yup, I was on my way to Longbridge. I left

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Why the long face? Part I – A Look Back

The story of the car factory that refuses to die.