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The Dreamers. car of the day: Evante

This week is all about dreaming the impossible dream, a group of people who went against all evidence and good judgement in the name of building their own car. While always a fascinating enterprise filled with initial excitement, the odd plot twist, production and money woes plus sometimes even a little conspiracy but always ending

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Petrolheadia is dead – Long Live Petrolheadia

I do not know if anybody noticed and if you had not then I am making a huge mistake admitting to all this, but it has almost been three months since any content meaningful or otherwise has been uploaded to the blog. Now I know you have all been very worried about whats happened to

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5 Cars that Reinvented their Manufacturer

Due to the immense cost of developing a car, it’s not too often a manufacture is willing to take a risk, and for good reason (just look at the Renault Wind) the stakes are extremely high- a reputation takes years to make but seconds to destroy. Usually when a risk is taken it’s out of

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